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Where can I find a San Jose Laser Dentist?

At Aarisha Dental, our practice makes a sweeping range of advanced services available to you and your loved ones. From the essentials in preventive, pediatric and emergency care, to the latest in laser, implant, and orthodontic treatments for your smile, our multi-specialty team is well equipped to address your comprehensive dental care needs. If you are among the many millions who suffer from gum disease, as your San Jose laser dentist, we offer leading-edge options in periodontal care. From performing careful periodontal evaluations, to providing deep cleanings, and LANAP treatment, we can detect and help treat gum disease to help you reestablish and maintain your oral health.

San Jose Laser Dentist

In its earliest stage, gingivitis, gum disease can be completely reversed with a professional cleaning and regular brushing and flossing thereafter. One of the difficulties with gum disease is that it tends to develop asymptomatically, so it can progress beyond the stage of gingivitis without patients realizing it. At any stage of gum disease, it’s important to seek the professional care of an experienced dentist who offers state-of-the-art periodontal therapy. As a San Jose laser dentist, we offer advanced treatment for gum disease with LANAP—short for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure—a method that utilizes a dental laser to remove harmful bacteria and unhealthy tissue from beneath the gumline. By using a dental laser, your dentist can treat your gums with the ultimate level of precision, making it a highly conservative treatment option when compared to traditional treatment approaches. Lasers are particularly well-suited to the treatment of gum disease because they cauterize as they go, reducing swelling, bleeding, and healing times associated with your procedure.

If you have gum disease, it’s of vital importance that you seek the professional help of an experienced dentist. As your San Jose laser dentist, we are proud to offer the most advanced options in care. To schedule your next visit for gentle periodontal care, contact the friendly staff at Aarish Dental today!

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